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Sump Pump Monitoring Alarms

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WaterAlarm Dialer
WaterAlarm Dialer
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Although you rely on your sump pump to keep the water out of your basement, sump pumps require power to operate and they are in harsh, wet environments that can wreak havoc on pumps over time.  That is why we offer our WaterSirens and WaterAlarms to provide you with an early warning basement water alarm should the power go out in your property or if the pump should stop working for any reason.

WaterSirens Sump Pump Alarms

WaterSirens sound a very loud, 90 decibel alarm to warn the homeowner that water has reached the sensor in the sump pump. It is recommended you place the water alarm just below the lip of the sump basket so it will sound water detection alarms before water goes over the edge of the basket.

WaterAlarms Water Leak Detectors

Our WaterAlarms add an additional layer of protection by calling any phone number to warn you that your sump pump is not working properly.  Our WaterAlarm Plus sounds an alarm to warn you if you’re home, plus the ability for the water leak detector to call to warn you before disaster strikes.  Our Wireless WaterAlarm provides wireless water detector sensors placed not only in a sump pump, but also behind a washing machine, under a hot water heater or near any toilet, sink, ice machine or dishwasher – anywhere a leak might occur.

Contact Protected Home today for help with sump pump alarms and water leak detectors.  In addition to protecting your home from water damage with WaterAlarms™ & WaterSirens™, we also offer temperature alarm products such as Freeze Alarms and TempAlarms™.

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