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Remote Temperature Control

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Deluxe FreezeAlarm™
Deluxe FreezeAlarm™
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Pre-Heat (or Cool) your Cabin Before You Arrive!

Although many of our remote temperature monitor products are designed to alarm you if the temperature gets out of range, many people simply want the ability to turn up the heat or air conditioning before they arrive.

We offer this Remote Temperature Control feature in our Deluxe FreezeAlarm.  When connected properly to your heating system and thermostat, a homeowner has the ability to simply call their vacation home’s telephone number, wait for the Deluxe FreezeAlarm to answer and tell the FreezeAlarm to switch to the thermostat that is set to your higher (or lower for A/C applications) temperature.  This is accomplished via voice prompted menus that are accessible by touching the keys on your touch-tone telephone.

The Deluxe FreezeAlarm’s telephone thermostat feature will work on most heating systems that utilize low voltage thermostats.  Homes with multiple zones can also utilize this feature to turn up the temp in one or more zones.  Download the wiring diagrams below for more information.

High voltage base-board electric heating systems can be made to work with phone thermostats, but it is recommended you consult with a heating technician or electrician using our wiring diagrams below to ensure your specific heating system will work properly with the Deluxe FreezeAlarm.

Click on the Deluxe FreezeAlarm above to learn more about this model and about the pre-heat feature.

How Does Remote Temperature Control Work

The diagram below shows how the FreezeAlarm acts as a switch between two different thermostats that are pre-set at two different temperatures.  This example assumes a home with a low voltage heating system using one main thermostat controlling the temperature in the entire home.  Multiple zones and other heating options may be compatible with this feature.  For specific questions about your heating system, consult your heating technician or electrician and show them our wiring diagrams.

Installing a Remote Temperature Monitor

To install this feature, you’ll keep your existing main thermostat (or thermostats if a multiple zoned home) on the walls.  You’ll purchase an additional thermostat from your local hardware store that is compatible with your current heating system.  This new thermostat will be referred to at T2 – or thermostat #2.  Often, this second thermostat can be left near the furnace, so you can do all the wiring near the furnace or boiler, eliminating costly and unsightly wiring through walls and floors.

When you’re not at the property, thermostat #2 (T2) is active.  This thermostat is pre-set at 50°F (for example).  When you want to head to the cabin, you call your FreezeAlarm and tell it to switch to thermostat #1 (T1), which is pre-set at 70°F for example.  When you’re ready to head home after a weekend of skiing or snowmobiling, simply press the button on the back to switch back to thermostat T2.  If you forgot to press the button, simply call your FreezeAlarm and tell it to switch to thermostat T2.  Download the wiring diagrams below for more detailed information on using phone thermostats with multiple zones and electric heating systems.

Download Wiring Diagrams for your particular application:
Pre-Heat/Cool for low voltage systems (.pdf)

Pre-Heat/Cool for base board or high voltage (.pdf)

Wiring to remotely turn on a siren or light by telephone (.pdf)

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