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The MarCELL® Cellular Monitoring System



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Monitors Temperature, Humidity and Power 

  • No phone line required
  • No Internet connection required
  • Sends text, email, and phone call
  • Monitor your home from any computer, Smartphone or tablet.

Simple, Reliable, Easy Set-up and Affordable.  A lot of products promise these three features in their product, but the MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System delivers.

Cellular Connected Temperature Power Water Humidity home Monitoring system 

*Click on flyer image to download.


The MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System includes the following features:

  • Simple: Create your account through www.sensoredlife.com, plug in your MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System and walk away – No phone line or Internet connection needed. Within 15 minutes, you’re monitoring your home over the internet.

  • Reliable:  The MarCell system comes already connected to Verizon - one of the largest wireless mobile networks in the country. Cellular connected alarm devices are more reliable, more secure and easier to set-up than a WiFi based product.   Plus, MarCELL comes with a back-up battery to operate even during a power failure.  Does your WiFi system do that?  The system even notifies you if the device has lost communications with the cellular network for any reason.

  • Affordable: multiple low cost subscription plans to choose from to match any budget starting at $8.25 per month based on our annual plan.

  • Peace of Mind: The MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System will notify you immediately via Text, Email, or Call of temperature alerts, humidity extremes, power outages, and when power is restored.

    • Text messages indicating specific temperature, humidity, or power problems occurring  

    • Emails to any email address when temperature, humidity, or power problems are detected

    • Voice Phone calls telling you the specific temperature, humidity, or power problems problem occurring  

  • Unlimited cloud access to monitor your home from a computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

  • An excellent monitoring device for homes with elderly relatives or homes with pets. It is also an excellent and affordable computer room monitoring device.

The MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System (MAR-501) is a cellular based monitoring system tracking the temperature, humidity and power status in your remote home, business, vacation property, boat, RV or other sensitive property. It comes equipped with one SPuck water sensor (SEN-100-W)  No phone line or internet connection is required.  To find out why Cellular is better check out our Cellular Superiority page. 

The MarCELL communicates to a internet cloud application via an internal cellular modem already connected to one of the largest wireless cell phone providers in the United States. Check the MarCell coverage map for your area. The MarCELL sends pertinent data 3 - 4 times per day to your cloud account where you can monitor the environment in your remote property any time you wish over your computer, laptop, tablet or smart-phone.

If the MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System detects temperatures that are too high or too low, if humidity is out of range or if the power goes out, the MarCELL sends an alert message to the cloud which immediately sends you a text message, email and a voice phone call warning of problems at your remote property.  It even sends you alert messages when the power is restored.

A subscription is required for users to monitor their property and to receive alarm notifications.  The MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System offers three affordable monitoring subscription plans:

·     Annual at $8.25 per month. 

·     Seasonal at $11.95 per month – pay only for the months you want to monitor your property.  Select a season from a minimum of 4 months to a maximum of 8 months.  For a season longer than 8 months, select the more affordable Annual Plan.

·     Month-to-Month at $14.95 per month


With the exception of the month-to-month plan, all plans are charged to the customer’s credit card for the full season or annual plan immediately.  Month-to-month users are charged monthly prior to the next months’ service.  All plans are set up as automatically recurring billing, meaning you will be charged for the next season or annual plan just before your current season or annual plan anniversary date.  Month-to-Month Plan customers will be charged monthly for the next month of service.



MarCell Specifications:

Modem: Novatel HS3001 CDMA Modem
Power: 110VAC to 5DC. 2A plug in power adapter
MarCell Dimensions: 5.8"H x 3.5"W x 1.5"D
Temperature Alarm Range: 20 - 120F - user selects high & low safe ranges
Humidity Alarm Range: 10 to 90% RH - user selects high and low safe ranges
Ambient Operating Temperature: 20 - 158F
Rechargeable Battery: Internal 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion rechargeable (non-replaceable)
SPucks Dimensions: 2" diameter x .75" depth
SPuck Wireless Frequency: 915mHz - up to 250 feet distance from MarCell
SPuck Battery: 3.0VDC - CR2032 coin cell
Agency Approvals: Marcell® and SPuck® are FCC approved.
Trade Marks: Marcell® and SPuck® are registered trademark of Sensored Life, LLC


Wireless sensors are compatible with the MarCELL Cellular Connected Monitoring System.  The wireless sensors allow you to monitor your home environment in multiple zones up to 250 feet away depending on construction or building materials.  Add Wireless Water Sensors to monitor for water leaks or flooding.  Simply place these small, battery powered wireless sensors behind toilets, under sinks, near the sump pump or hot water heater to be alerted immediately if a leak is detected. Sensors include a replaceable coin cell battery that lasts up to five years.

MarCELL is a Registered Trademark of Sensored Life, LLC.








Frequently Asked Questions


How does MarCELL work?
The MarCELL is basically a temperature gauge, humidity gauge, power line monitor and cell phone all rolled into one small package. You just plug the device into an outlet in an area you want to monitor. It constantly measures temperature and humidity against a safe range that you specify. If temperature or humidity go outside the safe range or power is lost to the outlet you have the MarCELL plugged into, the MarCELL immediately makes a cellular call to our server to report the issue. The server then looks up whom you wanted notified in the event of a problem and takes the appropriate action


Do I need to add MarCELL to my existing cell phone contract?
No. We have negotiated an agreement to operate on the largest carriers in North America to provide the broadest coverage for the market. 
Check the MarCell coverage map for your area. So whether you are trying to protect your cabin in the woods or your boat at the marina, we have you covered. You can start and stop coverage for any month on our web site so you are only paying for the coverage you need, be it 1 month or year round.


I already have a home watch service, why do I need the MarCELL?

Typical home watch services check your property once every week to ten days. What happens if you have an HVAC failure the day after their visit? It only takes a day or two in frigid weather for pipes to freeze. In hot and humid environments (like a condo in Florida in the summer) toxic mold can begin to form in a matter of hours in the event of an Air Conditioner malfunction. The MarCELL provides 24 hour service, and never takes a break. Why take a chance?


My neighbor watches my house. Isn't that good enough?
Unless your neighbor is checking your property several times a day and never takes a day off, no it isn't enough. Also, do you really want your neighbor in your house that often? And, does your neighbor really want the responsibility of determining that all mechanical systems in your house are operational for the entire time you are away? What if your neighbor slips and falls on your property while checking it? Do you want that liability?


How expensive are the connection fees?
The MarCELL has arranged to connect through the largest wireless carriers to provide the broadest possible base of coverage in North America. We have also negotiated to provide this service at a very low price and without any long-term contract requirements. Our pricing is very affordable whether you are looking for just a month or two or opt for an annual plan. There are also many price breaks in-between so that you can only pay for the amount of coverage you need. Unlike other temperature and humidity alarm systems on the market, we don't need a landline or internet connection to communicate, meaning that you can turn these services off when you leave for the season. Since landline phone service can easily run $25/month and internet service can run another $25 to $50, on top of that, using the MarCELL can actually save you $50/month or more in expenses. By constantly monitoring your property, it can also potentially avert a disaster that could cost you thousands of dollars or more. All in all, it is cheap insurance.


Are there any cancellation costs with the MarCELL?

No. Part of the beauty of the MarCELL is that you can turn the cellular connection on and off on a monthly basis so you are only paying for the coverage you need when you need it. You can do this online at any time - quickly, easily and with no hassles.


Can I move the MarCELL at the end of the season to the property I am vacating?
Absolutely. If, for example, you are a “snow bird” leaving your Florida condo in May and heading back to your home up north, you will want to move the MarCELL to your FL condo for the off season. Since moving the device is so easy (just unplugging it and then plugging it back in), you have two options for this. One would be to have a relative or neighbor unplug the unit and send it to you at the Florida condo so that you can plug it in before you leave. The other option is to wait until you arrive at your northern home and unplug the unit yourself, box it up and send it to a neighbor or your home watch to install in your Florida condo. You can go online and change the temperature and humidity safe ranges to fit the new location as well as modify the notifications if you like. The other option would be to just have two MarCELL units and turn them on or off depending on the season.


How long will the MarCELL continue to report in the event of a power outage?
The MarCELL contains an internal Litium Ion battery, which is always charged and ready. In the event of a power outage, the battery immediately takes over and powers the MarCELL while the initial alert is sent. Then for the next 36 to 48 hours or more, the MarCELL continues to record hourly readings and calls these readings in every 6 to 8 hours. Should temperature or humidity go out of your preset “safe range” during this time, an alert will immediately be sent. MarCell's battery will last anywhere from 36 to 48 hours. Once power is restored to the outlet, the MarCELL will immediately send a “Power Restored” alert and begin to charge up the battery.


How often does the MarCELL report in with temperature and humidity data?
The MarCELL checks current temperature and humidity against your settings every 10 seconds. If the current readings are outside of your “safe range”, an alert will be sent immediately. If readings are within your safe range, they are recorded every hour. The MarCELL then calls in to our servers every 6 to 8 hours to report the previous period's hourly readings. At that point, this data is displayed on the website in graph or chart form.


I have a large house, do I need more than one MarCELL to monitor it?
No. Assuming you have one HVAC unit (heater/air conditioning unit) for your house, you would just place MarCELL in one of the rooms serviced by this HVAC unit. If this room is within range, then you know your HVAC system is working. If you have a large house, multi-tenant dwelling or large commercial building serviced by multiple HVAC units, you would want to place one MarCELL in every zone.


When I unplug the MarCELL to move it, won't it think that there is a power outage and send an alarm?
Yes, but.... When the MarCELL unit is unplugged from the wall, it appears to the unit that the power was just lost. However, there is also on “off” button on the rear of the MarCELL unit, below the plug prongs and toward the right side of the case. You can press this button with a pen or paperclip and it will notify the MarCELL that you intentionally unplugged the unit so it will not send an alert. It will, however, send a message to the server that it has been unplugged and then it will power the MarCELL off to preserve the battery.


It appears there was a power outage in my house (clocks flashing, etc) but I never received an alert from the MarCELL®. Why is that?
Since some areas of the country have power that is not very stable (many brownouts, etc.) we have set up the MarCELL® to ignore small power glitches and brown outs. The power needs to be off to the outlet for about 8-10 seconds for the MarCELL® to report it as a power outage.


Can I purchase 6 months of connection services and spread the six months out over a year or more?
No. When you purchase a multi-month connection plan on our website, (either 3,6 or 12 months for example) the service will run for consecutive months. The main reason for this is that the cell phone carriers charge us a substantial fee for suspending cellular service or re-starting it. The most economical way to bring the price down is by offering you consecutive months of service.


What if my MarCELL unit fails to connect to the cell network?
The MarCELL uses the largest cellular carriers in North America to provide the widest range of coverage. 
Check the MarCell coverage map for your area. However, like any cell phone, there may be some places where cellular reception is not particularly strong. Signal strength can also be affected by electrical interference, atmospheric conditions, network traffic, physical obstacles, etc. If your MarCELL fails to connect, the first thing to try is to move it to a different outlet in the house or structure you want to monitor. Typically higher floors will have better reception than basements, etc. Also, large metal objects (like a refrigerator) could inhibit cellular signals from reaching the device so positioning it near a window may be better for reception. If, after reorienting your MarCELL and trying different outlets in the structure you want to monitor, you are still unable to connect, please contact our support line. Also, remember that if you are unable to use your MarCELL because of connection issues, the unit may be returned to Emerson Control Products within the first 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Click here for more information on how to return products to Emerson Control Products.


What is the life expectancy of the Marcell internal battery?

It’s a lithium ion rechargeable battery.  When power is off, the unit should work for about 1 to 2 days depending upon environmental conditions.  Overall, the lithium battery will have greater than 300 cycles in its life.  It should be functional for the entire life of the unit.


What if I have multiple bathrooms over several floors, do I require multiple units? 

You just need multiple SPucks.


What guarantee/Warranty do I get if the system fails and I sustain water damage or anything other type of damage your system is supposed to monitor?

This is our standard warranty which covers all our units.

Product Warranty

Warrantor: Dealer, Distributor, Retailer, Manufacturer
Protected Home takes pride in producing and testing products that will function properly, but we cannot guarantee that there will never be a defective unit or that a unit will function on all the thousands of phone lines and communication equipment in existence. For this reason, it must be clear that the Warrantors are not insuring your premises or guaranteeing that there will not be damage to your person or property if you use this Product. If you are not comfortable with the Limited Warranty included with the product you purchased, or are not completely satisfied with the Product, we encourage you to return the unused Product for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

Individual products have warranty statements included in the package that relate directly to the specific functions of that product. It is important to read and understand the warranty statements included with any products you purchase from Protected Home. All of our products do come with the following general warranty:


One year limited warranty - Protected Home warrants its Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for one year, and is not responsible for consequential damages or installation costs of any nature. In the event that the Product does not conform to this Warranty at any time during the period of one year from the original purchase date, Warrantor will repair the defect and return it to you at no charge. IMPORTANT: The Warranty is limited to replacement of the PRODUCT ONLY. The Warranty shall terminate and be of no further effect at the time the Product is 1) damaged by extraneous causes such as fire, water, lightning, power surge, etc., or not maintained as reasonable or necessary; 2) modified; 3) improperly installed; 4) repaired by someone other than the Warrantor; 5) used in a manner or purpose for which the Product was not intended. Warrantor's obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement (at the Warrantor's choice) of the Product only. This Warranty does not cover payment or provide for reimbursement of payment for incidental or consequential damages or for any cost to install or remove the Product.



Instructional Videos   

Registering Device
Selecting a Location
Changing Notifications &
Safe Ranges

Monitoring and Status




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