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Intermediate FreezeAlarm™



Our Most Popular Model!

The Intermediate FreezeAlarm has become the gold standard in Freeze Protection products.  In the 20 years since we have been making FreezeAlarms, the Intermediate FreezeAlarm has become the most popular model we have ever offered.  Features such as voice prompted programming, Quick Status CheckTM and the ease of use with voice mail and answering machines have made this model not only popular, but often the model most requested by insurance companies to protect their policy holders’ homes and property.

The Intermediate FreezeAlarm includes the following features:

  • Automatically calls up to three phone numbers if the temperature drops, power fails, or the back-up battery requires replacing.
  • Clearly identifies the exact problem to the person answering the phone or leaves a clear message on voice mail and answering machines.
  • Quick Status CheckTM allows you to hear what the current temperature is in your property, hear if the power is “on” or “off” and hear what the voltage of the back-up battery is at.  The FreezeAlarm actually talks to you!  It’s like having a live-in caretaker.
  • Users can record their own greeting message and alarm message which helps to better identify to other callers or people on their call-to list the property that is having the problem.
  • Voice Prompted Programming offers an intuitive method to program your phone numbers, set the temperature alarm set-point and select other options to customize your FreezeAlarm to work with your voice mail or answering machine.  The FreezeAlarm actually talks you through the programming of all required programming functions.
  • Monitors for either a “too hot” condition or “too cold” condition in the home.  Users set a temperature alarm set-point (or accept the factory default of 45°F/7°C) and then select if they wish to have the unit call them if the temperature drops below this temperature or if it rises above this temperature.
  • The High Temp Alarm option makes the Intermediate FreezeAlarm an excellent monitoring device for homes with elderly relatives or homes with pets.  It also is an excellent and affordable computer room monitoring device or refrigeration / freezer / walk-in cooler monitoring device.
  • Wide Temperature Range allows you to monitor any temperature from -50 to 300°F (-55 to 150°C).
  • Automatically resets when you have acknowledged the alarm and corrected the alarm condition. 
  • Remotely change any of the programming options, remotely cancel the alarm call-out and remotely check status via our Quick Status CheckTM feature.
  • Security code prevents unauthorized access.
  • Listen to temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees.
  • No monitoring fees or installation costs.

The temperature sensor (TS-10-FA) is included with the unit. 



 At the current time, all Intermediate FreezeAlarms are packaged in a plastic clam shell that is taped on the top and both sides.  Although these units are taped, THESE ARE BRAND NEW UNITS!  This is a factory sealing method that is being used due to a change in the plastic clam shell tooling that required the tape to ensure units would not open during shipping.  This is a special high tensile strength tape designed to hold tough in various temperatures and conditions that can occur when shipping product.  We are currently evaluating a new packaging method that may eliminate the plastic clam shell for both cost and environmental impact, but for now, the unit you receive or purchase from one of our resellers may have the tape applied on the top and sides of the package.

* The Intermediate FreezeAlarm FA-I-CCA will continue to dial to the pre-programmed telephone numbers if the phone service remains active during a power failure.  Some digital VOIP, cable phone systems and DSL phone services do not operate during power failures.   Note: Some digital phone services require uninterrupted power to operate. This means the FreezeAlarm™ will not be able to call out during a power failure with some of these phone systems. Check with your phone service provider with any questions. 


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