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Featured Products

Deluxe FreezeAlarm™

Freeze protection plus the ability to turn up the heat by phone!

New Products

The MarCELL® Cellular Connected Monitoring System

The MarCELL® Cellular Connected Monitoring System No phone line or internet connection is required.

Most Popular Products

Intermediate FreezeAlarm™

The Intermediate FreezeAlarm has become the gold standard in Freeze Protection products.

Control Products will be closed

July 3rd in observance of the holiday



 Cellular Connected Home Monitoring

Cellular Superiority - Why Cellular is better than Wifi or Internet.

Low/High Temperature Alarm

Wireless Spucks to allow monitoring of multiple temperature locations coming fall 2015

Power Alarm

Water Alarm

Wireless Water Spucks coming Fall 2015


Your home, cabin, lake property, or business is an expensive asset.  It is important to protect it while you’re away.  Protected Home offers home monitoring products designed to protect your home when you’re not there.

Telephone Notification and Remote Home Control
Customers who still have landline our FreezeAlarm and WaterAlarm leave voice call message when there is an emergency.  You can also remotely monitor or change the temperature in a home using your home or mobile phone. Home Automation - peace of mind features allow you to remotely check the current temperature in your home or turn up the heat or turn down the air conditioner before you arrive. 


Featured Product
Deluxe FreezeAlarm™
Deluxe FreezeAlarm™

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