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Deluxe FreezeAlarm™

Freeze protection plus the ability to turn up the heat by phone!

New Products

The MarCELL® Cellular Connected Monitoring System

The MarCELL® Cellular Connected Monitoring System No phone line or internet connection is required.

Most Popular Products

Intermediate FreezeAlarm™

The Intermediate FreezeAlarm has become the gold standard in Freeze Protection products.


Your home, cabin, lake property, or business is an expensive asset.  It is important to protect it while you’re away.  Protected Home offers home security products designed to protect your home when you’re not there.  Our security and automation products offer you peace of mind and protection from the most common problems homeowners, vacation property owners and businesses face while they are away.

  • Low Temperature Alarm – prevents frozen, burst pipes.
  • High Temperature Alarm – prevents mold growth, and protection for pets and elderly relatives from failed air conditioning.
  • Water Alarm – prevents costly damage caused by leaking pipes, overflowing sumps, appliance hoses, clogged A/C condensing pans, ice makers, hot water heaters and flooding basements.
  • Home Security Alarms  – prevents break-ins, theft and vandalism.
  • Home Automation  – peace of mind features allow you to remotely check the current temperature in your home or turn up the heat or turn down the air conditioner before you arrive.  Remotely listen in to your property or arm and disarm your security system.

Telephone Notification and Remote Home Control
All of our home security products are designed to alert you either at home or while you’re away of different potential problems that can occur at any home, vacation property or business.  Remotely monitor or change the temperature in a home using your home or mobile phone.  Arm and disarm our wireless home security systems and check the current temperature and power status from a remote location.

All this is possible right now in simple, affordable and time tested products.  Protected Home is the consumer products division of Control Products, Inc., the world leader in electronic remote monitoring products for homes, vacation property, industrial equipment, restaurants and office buildings around the world.

Buy Now or Find a Retailer Near You
You can purchase any of our products online, call our Customer Service Department to order by phone at 800-880-6000, or find a retailer near you.  Our products are also carried by many, reputable on-line retailers.

No Phone Line? NO PROBLEM! 

Check out options for cellular connected home monitoring Including our New Product The MarCell Cellular Connected Home Monitoring System

Go to our Cellular Phone Connected Monitoring Systems page for the latest information regarding cellular connected products, INCLUDING UPDATED INFORMATION FOR OUR CUSTOMERS IN CANADA!

Featured Product
Deluxe FreezeAlarm™
Deluxe FreezeAlarm™

Buy online NOW or visit your local hardware store or home center.
For a retailer near you, call us at 800-880-6000.

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